Quality policy


Argonet approach is customer-oriented with focus on high value-added activities that are based on professionalism and the ability to satisfy the customer.

Argonet aims at the constant customer satisfaction who expect high-quality and competence. It is therefore essential to have an active and constructive role for customers through:

  • understanding and satisfy the customer needs,
  • ambition to exceed customer’s requirements,
  • orientation to the client’s future needs, even if not yet present/known.


Argonet Management shares strategies with the employees and guides them through the definition of concrete and achievable objectives, the promotion of a transparent process communication and a working place that enable employees to make their best contribution to the company.


Argonet recognizes that employees are the most important capital of the company. It is in the interest of the company to stimulate a positive working approach involving them according to their skills/abilities and promote their potential improvement.


Process approach is based and comply with ISO 9001 Standard

Customer orientation means orientation based on product, services, and its requirements. Customers satisfaction is based on the results of the processes which are the results of the entire company organization. Quality is the result of related and applied efficient processes. The main ones defined are monitored with defined indicators. Argonet management model focus on design, operation, control and improvement of all the company processes relevant to the customer and stakeholder satisfaction.


Systemic approach to management

Argonet promotes a management oriented towards consideration, mutual respect and satisfaction of all stakeholders that interacts with the company and its business model.


Continuous improvement

Argonet considers the continuous improvement a sine qua non condition for customer orientation and business continuity. Continuous improvement is defined/applied at different levels:

  • quality management strategies, which define the framework conditions for the company’s behaviour,

  • product,fordefiningcustomersatisfaction,

  • processes, based on the realization/implementation of the solution defined,

  • resources, which are the indispensable for the execution of the processes.


Fact-based decisions

Medium to long term efficient business decisions are based on the analysis of data that Argonet collects, capitalizes, protects and processes through the use of appropriate information management models.


Mutually relationships with suppliers

Argonet relationship with its suppliers are based on win-winphilosophies, an essential condition for offering to the customers a cutting-edge product, reliable services, and solutions over time.


Management commitment and support

The management is committed personally to quality provided. It supports the efficiency of key processes and the continuous improvement by providing the necessary resources to achieve its objectives.



  • Quality is everyone’s responsibility, at every function and every level. It cannot be delegated!

  • Quality is based on a self-controlled application for the all the company processes.

    As a rule, the self-control principle applies: each employee is responsible for his or her own work and acts as a “customer itself” asking/providing the highest quality from/for the person who is in charge for the activities before or after him.

  • Quality is also the result of effective and preventive actions that takes appropriate corrective actions when non-conformities are found.

This quality policy was approved and issued by the Argonet management on 20.06.2018 and therefore commits the management and all employees.