Our network must work in precisely the same way as the entire company: securely, reliably and with an eye on the future.

Efficient, secure multimedia networks form the foundation for flexible, reliable communication, both within your company and externally, with your customers, partners and suppliers. Together with you, Argonet will develop a long-term concept for data, voice and video: from server to desktop, from hardware to software, from data transmission via cable (fiber-glass, copper) to wireless communication (radio, laser), we implement personalized solutions serving all requirements.





I think the time has come to make our network really secure.

Argonet security solutions protect your network reliably from attacks and unauthorized access.
We will assemble an individual package for you from the best products and technologies available on the market today for preventing and detecting attacks (Intrusion Prevention and Detection, Firewalls, Anti-Virus). Our experts support you throughout all stages, from the development of an effective security concept to its installation and maintenance, as well as in staff training.

Remote office

I want our people to be able to access the data they need in our network at all times and from anywhere. And the solution must be secure and simple.

Companies are setting up remote offices, encouraging telework or else they are connecting mobile staff and external service providers to their networks. The risk-free, individualized availability of internal data, regardless of time or place, has become a competitive advantage. It reduces costs and increases productivity. Argonet offers its customers long-term, personalized solutions on the basis of VPN IPSec or VPN SSL.

voicevideo ip

Why do we only use our network for data and not for voice and image transmission as well?

The use of existing data networks for voice and video transmissions (IP Telephony and IP Video) increases the flexibility of tasks being processed on the desktop, and reduces costs. Argonet will show you what can be done.