All solutions seem to work when defined on paper. We are in a position to go deep into the defined solution and build it while ensuring that all specifications you defined in the design phase are followed to the latter.

Project management

Are you lacking a suitable project manager to assign an important ICT project to? Do you have a project manager, but lack the qualified support team to do the job?

The in-depth experience, competence and professionality of our staff are the foundation of target oriented and flexible project management. We ensure that set targets are attained – on time and within the budget.

Detailed project plan

Have all the functionalities been adequately specified that are required to attain project goals?

We will provide you with a detailed project plan that not only describes the functions extensively, but also documents the necessary approaches and procedures to realizing the solution. This project plan is essential in order to attain the defined targets on time and within your budget.

Configuration and software development

Do you need complex applications or special system configurations in order to meet your project goals?

We develop tailored system configurations. If required, we will perform the development work ourselves, or coordinate the development of user interfaces or software modules in order to enhance the performance of your solution.

System integration

Does your solution envisage an integrated, heterogeneous system environment?

Today, highly specialized manufacturers are offering innovative, reliable and mature technologies. We guarantee the perfect integration of these sophisticated products into a customized ICT system that is tailored to your requirements. Thanks to our indepth knowledge of all relevant systems, the exclusive utilization of certified products, and the meticulous implementation of specifications, we are able to guarantee the smooth functioning of the systems we integrate.

Laboratory tests

Would you like to test a solution first in the lab?

We have an extremely well equipped laboratory enabling you to test your solutions before their deployment. This not only spells time savings: in the laboratory, you can simulate various application environments, as well as monitor and verify product compatibility. Our tests are your guarantee of smooth commissioning and operations.


Have you considered all the details in the installation of your new systems?

Naturally, we will also install your new ICT systems. But prior to professional installation, we will consult with you to ascertain whether all the relevant details have been considered. After all, re-working and follow-up adjustments cost time and money.


Have you envisaged functional testing before commissioning?

Together with your people we will define the various functional tests, ensuring stringent verification of project target attainment.


All systems go for commissioning?

Commissioning is the most important project phase – it can mean success or failure. In this phase, all our professionals following a binding plan regulating all the relevant processes down to the smallest details. Our teams comprise experts commanding a wide range of specialist know-how and guarantee a smooth start-up, also under challenging conditions. The risks of this project phase are minimized by the deployment of proprietary instruments as well as tried and tested sequences and documentation.