Do you have a resource or time problem to define project objectives for your projects? Talk to us and based on your needs we’ll prepare you the specifications and verify the offers you receive while assisting you choose the most efficient and effective offer.

ICT project definition

You don’t have the staff or the time to define a project in all required details?

Our experienced engineers and qualified experts will be happy to consult you on the targets, organization, esources, timeframes and costs of an ICT project.

Specifications and cost estimate

You have ideas as to how the new demands made on your company’s communication systems could be met, but you are not sure how they could be best implemented?

We will draw up detailed specifications that you can pass on to your preferential suppliers.

Evaluation of offers

Have you received offers that you have difficulty evaluating on your own?

Cost estimates and specifications are often difficult to understand for the ICT layperson. You can trust our rofessionals. We will help you in making the decision for the best offer at hand.