Together with your employees, our experts will analyze the situation in your company and advise you on finding long-term solutions for your communications goals, as well as optimizing your processes and increasing security. In doing so, we harness leading edge methods (systems engineering) and deploy tried and tested project management techniques in order to find the best solution for you in a reliable and cost efficient manner.

Systems Check-up

Do your ICT systems meet all the essential requirements? Is it possible to optimize processes? Do your systems deliver the desired performance and efficiency? Are the necessary security requirements met? What needs to be done to ensure that your communication targets are attained reliably, now and also in future?

Together with your people, our experts will analyze the situation. Harnessing leading edge methods (systems engineering) and trusted and tried project management techniques, we will find the best solution for you, ith due consideration given to reliability and cost efficiency. The result is a detailed catalog of measures, structured according to urgency and stating the anticipated costs. In this way, you can orient your system to actual requirements, detect weak points and amend them in a future proof manner.


Is your ICT system adequately documented, enabling you to restore system operations in the case of failure or the absence of the responsible member of staff?

Inadequately documented ICT systems put your operating integrity at risk. And not only in the event of system failure, as incomplete documentation is frequently the cause of unauthorized or improper operation. We have the right experts and the instruments to document your systems, and will also provide regular updates if desired. In this way, you can always rely on having the all the necessary information at hand to take the right action in the event of a system failure.

Requirements analysis and basic concept

What technologies do you really need? Are leading edge technologies really called for, or would trusted and tried products do the job just as well?

New products promise higher performance and lower costs. But not all new technologies actually meet the given individual requirements. Unnecessary complexity is a frequent risk here. We will tell you what will really get you ahead, and what not, and what the integration into your existing infrastructure could look like.

Project draft

You have new ideas, but you don’t have the time or the personnel resources to develop the concepts?

We are at your service to further develop your ideas and will join forces with you to draw up your initial project draft.