April 2010


Success for the Ticino high-tech location. The AAA Consortium, under the management of Camorino-based ICT service provider Argonet, has won the tender for the realization of the multimedia communication network forming part of the "A2 Lucerne City Ring-Road Total Renovation" project.

This motorway section is one of Switzerland's most heavily used roads. More than 85,000 vehicles travel daily along the A2 between South Emmen and Lucerne-Kriens. The installation of a cutting-edge broadband communication network forms a central component of the planned renovation of both the operating equipment, and the safety and security installations. Plans envisage the simultaneous transmission of data, voice and video recording transmission as from 2013. The network will then combine the operating and safety/security systems of the Zentras regional unit, which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of national roads in the central Swiss cantons of Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden and Zug. It forms a critical technical prerequisite for modern motorway operations providing secure data functionalities.

The consortium commands extensive experience with complex telematics projects. With the communication network such as the installations on the motorway between Chiasso and Gotthard, the Ticino-based experts have already set standards for the efficiency and reliability of comparable systems at national levels. Along with Argonet SA, further consortium members include audio-video g+m SA, Lamone, and AFG Management Consulting SA, Camorino. Argonet is responsible for the networks area, audio-video g+m SA for video applications, and AFG Management Consulting SA for the controlling activities.