3 September 2014

Swisscom and Argonet offer their customers ICT solutions from a single source

Swisscom and Argonet are intensifying collaboration in the ICT environment, enabling business customers to benefit from the expertise of both firms and receive individually tailored solutions from a single source. Cross-cutting ICT projects are coordinated by a single point of contact, thereby reducing customers' costs and ensuring that ICT projects are implemented with greater efficiency.

Companies are operating in an increasingly complex and globalised environment. Competitive pressure is high, and business people want to focus on their core competencies. Many companies procure ICT components from different suppliers, which makes it difficult to maintain an overall view and generates additional costs. This is why Swisscom and Argonet are working in close partnership to offer their customers comprehensive, individually tailored ICT solutions from a single source.

One point of contact for the entire ICT infrastructure
Thanks to their collaboration, the two companies can ensure end-to-end support for cross-cutting ICT projects. Business customers have a personal contact partner to support them and coordinate the processes and activities of Swisscom and Argonet – from project administration and implementation to maintenance. Business customers therefore benefit from comprehensive ICT solutions which, although developed by two firms, are individually tailored and provided from a single source. This plays a key role in increasing the efficiency of ICT projects while significantly reducing costs as well as complexity for the customer.

Customers' needs at the forefront
Swisscom and Argonet determine the shape and scope of this collaboration on a project-by-project basis, with the scale of the project and the customer's requirements for the ICT infrastructure being the decisive factors. "This close collaboration enables us to further simplify the ICT environment for our customers and to support them as a trustworthy guide in the digital world," explains Mauro Feller, Sales Director at Swisscom Enterprise Customers Tessin. To Raffaele Gelpi, Chief Executive Officer of Argonet, the benefits are obvious: "Our customers' requirements are always at the forefront. Our collaboration with Swisscom enables us to better respond to individual needs." Swisscom and Argonet's first joint project is already in its end phase, and additional opportunities for collaboration have been identified.

About Argonet
Argonet is an independent specialist for networks, security and telematics. Argonet is the only ISO 9001-2000 certified provider of its kind with a head office in the canton of Ticino. At Argonet, engineers and system integrators, planners and technicians work hand in hand. The bundling of all resources at one location means short response times for our customers and the constant availability of all specialists. Their tried and tested teamwork guarantees efficient, innovative, state-of-the-art solutions.

About Swisscom Enterprise Customers
Swisscom’s Enterprise Customers division is the biggest provider of ICT solutions for corporate customers in Switzerland. Its core competencies are in the provision of integrated communication solutions, IT infrastructure and cloud services, workplace solutions and SAP services as well as a comprehensive range of outsourcing services for the financial sector. With a 4,500-strong workforce, Enterprise Customers serves some 6,000 customers.

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April 2010


Success for the Ticino high-tech location. The AAA Consortium, under the management of Camorino-based ICT service provider Argonet, has won the tender for the realization of the multimedia communication network forming part of the "A2 Lucerne City Ring-Road Total Renovation" project.

This motorway section is one of Switzerland's most heavily used roads. More than 85,000 vehicles travel daily along the A2 between South Emmen and Lucerne-Kriens. The installation of a cutting-edge broadband communication network forms a central component of the planned renovation of both the operating equipment, and the safety and security installations. Plans envisage the simultaneous transmission of data, voice and video recording transmission as from 2013. The network will then combine the operating and safety/security systems of the Zentras regional unit, which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of national roads in the central Swiss cantons of Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden and Zug. It forms a critical technical prerequisite for modern motorway operations providing secure data functionalities.

The consortium commands extensive experience with complex telematics projects. With the communication network such as the installations on the motorway between Chiasso and Gotthard, the Ticino-based experts have already set standards for the efficiency and reliability of comparable systems at national levels. Along with Argonet SA, further consortium members include audio-video g+m SA, Lamone, and AFG Management Consulting SA, Camorino. Argonet is responsible for the networks area, audio-video g+m SA for video applications, and AFG Management Consulting SA for the controlling activities.